Salon Social Distancing - Make Every Inch Count!

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In these social distance times you have to make every inch of your salon count.

So what better way than to install a Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanner sunbed which provides more profit per square inch than any other sunbed.

More Profit

Electronic ballasts ensure super efficient running cost and long lamp life.

Less Space

The footprint of the sunbed is just 33" x 26" (830mm x 630mm) and the power requirements are just a single 13 amp plug!

So if you have a vibra-step which is no longer paying its way, the Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanner would be the perfect upgrade for your salon.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Tan Legs and Much More!

The Sol-Rapide Max Tan Leg Lamps are specifically designed for maximum, 0.3 safe tanning whilst the additional collagen lamps provide added skin benefits including: Improved complexion & skin tone, stimulated circulation, increased collagen and easing of symptoms for Psoriasis and Eczema.

Available Now To Buy, Lease or Hire

For more details of the benefits of the Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanner please contact us:

or call the sales team now on Tel. 01527 821 076.

Maximising Your Outdoor Space

With the 2m social distancing rules in place, what better way to maximise your outdoor space than at California Tanning where they have utilised all available space with these stylish chrome chairs, created a one way system, set their shop apart with these VIP ropes and made the entrance wonderfully inviting with these classy planters. This is a fabulous example of being ready for the relaunch of UK tanning salons. Follow them on Facebook


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