Salon Sunbed Timing Devices


The T-Max sunbed control system is the go to choice for professional tanning salons.

STEP 1. There is the sunbed T-Max Manager on the front desk where the salon operator adds the time for each tanning session.

STEP 2. Each sunbed has an individual T-Max Timer in the sunbed room, as soon as the client is ready to start tanning they simply press the timer and the sunbed session begins.

STEP 3. Once the sunbed session is finished the Timer sends a message to the Manager, and once the salon operator has cleaned the sunbed, the system is ready for the next client.

At all times during the sunbed session the salon operator can see on the Manager how long each session has to run, so they know exactly how long the wait is for each of the sunbeds. 

NEXT LEVEL. To maximise the T-Max further, it can be connected to SALON MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. By connecting the T-Max to the software the salon becomes paperless, all the clients records are held on the computer along with their courses and lotion purchase history.

This fantastic Salon Management Software system has the option for fingerprint ID recognition, online booking and much more!

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Salon Software

This is designed to make salon management a doodle! It manages client details, their sessions, payment and marketing!

Secure Client Records: Eliminating paper records.

Client History: Including all previous sessions and purchases.

Signature Pad: Saves all customer agreements on to their client record.

Service Tracking: Track prepaid customer services such as tanning minutes.

Token Meter

Each token is preset to a certain amount of time (3 minutes normally) so the customer is given the required tokens to insert in the token machine.

For example the standard token time is 3 minutes so if a customer wanted 12 minutes you would give them 4 tokens. 

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