Tanning Salon Design

Setting up a sunbed salon can be a very lucrative business, but in order to create success the right advice from the start will avoid costly mistakes!
Most locations have their quirks and features but these can be overcome with professional tanning salon planning.
Professional Tanning Salon Design & Supply - We take a prospective new salon from start to finish. To start with, an accurate survey of the salon is needed, from this we can then create the best design to suit the property.
Tanning Salon Layout - Our design team draw your premises on our 2D CAD system and in great detail work out the best design to maximise your space whilst keeping it aesthetically pleasing.
Ayr Salon ShellSunbed Salon Design
Tanning Salon Design Visual - Some new salon owners can struggle to envision their new salon from a 2D CAD drawing, so we can produce a 3D visualization. This can also help you decide on colour schemes and other key decisions. From this 3D visualization you will also see where your electrical rotary isolators go, so your electrician can fit them.
Sunbed Salon Design
Tanning Bed Operating System & Software - The next thing to think about is timing devices. The industry standard is the T-Max system, this allows you to put time on at the desk and the customer to active the sunbed with a timer in the room. The other benefit of the T-Max system is it can be hooked up to a computer and card machine to create a your own salon digital database to track courses and lotion preferences of your customers. The other option is the older fashion of Token Meters in the room and you give each customer a token.
Custom Made Tanning Bed Cubicles - Once you have chosen the sunbeds and the operating system, you have the option of choosing custom made sunbed cubicles. These can have doors or custom printed roller-shutters. These take up minimal space, aid airflow and are easy to keep clean.
Buy Commercial Sunbeds For Tanning Salon - Tanning is a results business and the right choice of tanning equipment is essential. We have been selling sunbeds since 1986, so we know what a salon needs to be a success. As licensed credit brokers, we are also able to find the right finance option for you.
Tanning Bed and Sunbed Cubicle Installation - Ideally the sunbeds are installed first followed by the tanning cubicles. The sunbeds can be wired to play both the salon music and the tanners own music through the Bluetooth which is fitted on each sunbed.
Ayr Salon Cubicles
Tanning Lotions & Accessories For Sale - Sunbed tanning creams, goggles and Tanshot drinks add a very lucrative income stream to the salon operator and suitable space should be allocated to display these items.

 A busy sunbed tanning salon will have 90 - 150 customers per day which over 7 days give the salon owner 630 - 1,050 tanners per week.

Sunbed Lotion Profit - Wholesale sunbed creams generally have a 40% profit margin after vat. e.g. A bottle of lotion at a trade price of £12.50 + vat will retail at £25.00. So for a non-vat registered salon, this will give a profit of £10 per bottle. A sachet retailing at just £3 would yield a profit of £1.20. So with hundreds of visitors to the salon per week, it is easy to see the profit potential from tanning creams especially after our retail tanning products training.

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