Sunbed Tanning Tips Guide

Take care to build your best sunbed tan ever!

By using our safe, sunbed tanning tips.

Q: Are UV Sunbeds Safe to Use:

A: Yes, a sunbed tanning session using 0.3 tanning lamps delivers the same tanning effect as midday Mediterranean Summer sun but without the risk of burning.

Q: What are EU 0.3 Tanning Lamps?

A: European Regulations have approved the UV output of Tanning Lamps to 0.3W/m2 effective irradiance as this has deemed to be the optimum, safe tanning level.

Q: What are the Tanning Benefits of using 0.3 sunbed lamps?

A: Sunbed tanning at the 0.3 level has been proved to produce a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan without the risk of sunburn.

Q: How long does it take to tan?

A: 3 Sessions per week, leaving at least a days gap inbetween sessions for 3 weeks i.e Tan Monday, miss Tuesday, tan Wednesday, miss Thursday, tan Friday. Boosting your tanning sessions with a tanning lotion.

Q: How many tanning sessions should I do?

A: 2-3 Moderate sessions per week over a 3 week period should produce a really good tan with a maximum of 60 sessions per year.

Q: Can You Get Vitamin D from Tanning Beds?

A: Yes, Vitamin D is essential for good health. Sunlight is the most effective way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D yet in the Months between October and May, the sunlight is simply not strong enough in the UK.


Sunbed Tanning Tips

Q: Can You Use a Tanning Bed Without Goggles or Eye Protection?

A: NO, definitely NOT! Merely closing your eyes does not offer the eyes protection as the UV rays can easily penetrate through the eyelids. It is essential that you use sunbed goggles or disposable sunbed eye protection such as Wink Ease with every tanning session.

Q: Should I use a Tanning Lotion?

A: Using a sunbed accelerator product will certainly help you to produce your best tan ever and help you keep your tan for longer. Sunbed tanning lotions are designed to accelerate the tan and moisturise the skin. So your tan is intensified and your skin is kept hydrated.

Q: Which are the Best Tan Accelerators for Sunbeds?

A: That purely depends on your skin type and your own personal preference.

UV Sunbed Creams or Tanning Lotions can be: Tanning Accelerators, Tanning Accelerators with Tingle, Tanning Accelerators with Bronzers, Tanning Accelerators with Bronzers & Tingle.

So it is always advisable to carry out a skin patch test to determine the best tanning lotion for your skin type.

Q: What are the Tanning Salon age restrictions in the UK?

A: The UK minimum age restriction is 18 and proof of age should be shown to the salon prior to booking a tanning course.