Doctors Sunbed Advice Clears Skin Condition For Model

Posted by Garry Allbutt on

Model Apollonia Llewellyn suffered with a dry, patchy skin condition for over two years and, despite using various prescribed creams and lotions, the condition just would not clear up. However, whilst on holiday abroad she noticed sunlight was having a positive effect and finally improving the skin condition. On returning to the UK she once again spoke with her GP who recommended sensible use of a sunbed. Apollonia contacted Sun and Health and we initially supplied a Sol-Rapide V9 canopy which cleared the skin disorder before she then upgraded to the Sol-Rapide V26 vertical sunbed.

Apollonia Llewellyn Sol-Rapide V26 Home Sunbed

Both of these sunbeds have also worked very well in clearing Psoriasis outbreaks and, for particularly bad psoriasis outbreaks, both of these sunbeds can be ordered with the medical Philips TL01 Narrowband lamp.

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