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Village Tanning Salon Wins National Award after FREE Consultation with Sun and Health International Ltd!

15 November 2018

This is the amazing story of how a small village salon became a big winner...

Village Tanning Salon Wins National Award after FREE Consultation with Sun and Health International Ltd!

Salon Back Story...

Malvern Glow is a compact shop in small village, they gave great service but needed more custom. So they contacted Garry Allbutt of Sun and Health International Ltd for a FREE review of their salon.

The Problem...

The shop is compact in size and has only enough electrical capacity to run two big sunbeds. And the Vibroplate which occupied the the third cubicle was very rarely used, so the little space that was available, was being wasted.

The Solution...

Sun and Health International Ltd supplied two new, more powerful stand up sunbeds and replaced the unused Vibroplate with one of their fabulous, Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanners. This then increased the shops tanning capacity by 50% without the need for an expensive electric upgrade, as the Sol-Rapide Leg Tanner runs off a single 13amp plug!

The legs are the hardest part of the body to tan, so the customers use both the stand up sunbeds and then also the Leg Tanner, to boost their leg tan. This enables the salon to earn more money from their existing client base but also, attracts new clients. Including an older "Legs only" clientele who only want to get their hard to tan legs, brown!

The Award Winning Outcome...

The total refit was carried out in a single morning and within 5 minutes of reopening, there were 12 people queuing to use the beds and best of all, they all wanted to try out the new Sol-Rapide Leg Tanner!

The clients were so impressed by the Sol-Rapide Leg Tanner that they started posting pictures of themselves using the Leg Tanner on Glow's Facebook page.
This instantly drew new interest and custom to the shop which totally reinvigorated sales!

The client base has since rapidly expanded and the satisfaction is such, that the clients nominated the salon for two tanning awards!

Malvern Glow won the LUX Health, Beauty & Wellness Award 2018 for "Best Family Run Tanning Salon in England"

and were a very close runner up in the English Hair & Beauty Awards 2018 for "Tanning Salon of the Year"

And this small village salon is now drawing custom from the nearby, big city of Worcester!

Malvern Glow Owner, Laura Say's...


I couldn't rate Sun and Health International any higher! Excellent service! Friendly and professional! Very efficient!
Our customers are loving the new powerful sunbeds, especially the fab Sol-Rapide Leg Tanner.
I highly recommend Sun and Health International Ltd.
Thank you so much for all your help!

Sun and Health's Managing Director, Garry Allbutt Say's...
Malvern Glow is a great, compact salon which is super clean and run by two lovely people, Laura and her Mom.

All they needed was good advice to maximise revenue and better quality equipment to maximise tanning results.

For FREE salon tanning advice and to see how we could help your business, please call us on tel. 01527 821 076 or message us at
and maybe we could help you become an award winner too!

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