Cosmedico Rainbow Tanning Lamps

Cosmedico Rainbow Tanning Lamps

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It's important to ensure your tanning salon is offering new and innovative products.

And with this in mind, Cosmedico's technical team have developed the eye-catching Rainbow sunbed lamps. EU0.3 compliant but with maximum UVB in order to generate that all important "Heat" factor. There are a choice of four colours in the range, each with it's own purpose. Sold in boxes of 25

Electric Blue: For high UVA tanning performance.

Party Pink: For skin rejuvenation and effective melanin production.

Rapid Green: For relaxation, good health and stress relief.

Sizzling Yellow: For maximum Vitamin D production.

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Mix and match the colours for a truely spectacular look for your sunbed!


Description Wattage Length Hours
Electric Blue 160w-250w 1.8m 800
Electric Blue 180w-250w 2m 800
Party Pink 160w-250w 1.8m 800
Party Pink 180w-250w 2m 800
Rapid Green 160w-250w 1.8m 800
Rapid Green 180w-250w 2m 800
Sizzling Yellow 160w-250w 1.8m 800
Sizzling Yellow 180w-250w 2m 800

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