Australian Gold Dark Side

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Australian Gold Dark Side

Do you want to explore the Dark Side?

Accelerate your tan with this sunbed lotion, 30X Relentlessly Dark Bronzer harnesses the power of DHA, flawlessly blended with Macadamia Oil, for a developed bronze hue. Amazing skin care ingredients join forces in the Colour Alliance Blend to nourish and restore for an overall alluring complexion. Choose wisely.

  • 30X Relentlessly Dark Bronzer: Fusion of DHA and Macadamia Oil, perfectly blended for seamless even coverage and gradually built dark colour
  • Colour Alliance Blend: Balanced blend of Black Truffle and White Tea Extracts help to purify and revive for improved skin appearance
  • Selfish Skin Softener: A decadent dose of Silicone hydrates and softens the skin for a velvety, silky feel.
  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturises for a radiant, youthful glow
  • Fragrance: Bourbon Berry

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