Choosing the Best Tanning Lotion

Healthy Skin Tans Best

Tanning accelerators / intensifiers are have been developed to produce a faster tan whilst also moisturising the skin during the tanning process.

Well hydrated skin is essential for creating an even, longer-lasting tan.

Using an After Tan Product after your tanning session will also help maintain your tan for longer.

Non-Tingle Tanning Products

Non-Tingle tanning accelerators work as both an accelerator and moisturiser. These tanning products are ideal for sensitive skin and first time, tanners.

Tingle Tanning Products

Tingle tanning products help stimulate blood circulation on the surface of the skin, this creates redness and a warming/tingling sensation, which can vary from moderate to extreme.

The reddening effect of tingle tanning products is temporary but can last up to several hours.

Warning: Always carry out a small patch test on the skin before using a tingle product, to ascertain suitability. Tingle products are not suitable for those with  sensitive skin. Tingle products are designed for sunbed use only.

Cooling Tanning Products

These are tanning products which have a cooling effect on the skin.

Bronzer Tanning Products

A bronzer is a tanning product which contain natural ingredients to provide colour to the skin. Tanning lotions containing bronzers enable people to achieve greater result from their tanning experience.

The three main types of bronzer are:

  1. DHA Bronzers
    A DHA (dihydroxyacetone) bronzer does not require any UV light stimulation to produce a tan. DHA bronzers work by reacting to certain proteins on the surface layers of your skin. The DHA takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to develop fully. Warning: Always wash hands thoroughly after applying a tanning lotion containing DHA bronzers.
  2. Instant Bronzers
    These bronzers provide immediate but temporary colour that will wash off after showering. Tanning lotions with instant bronzers give instant colour whilst the skins tan is still fully developing. 
  3. Natural Bronzers
    Natural bronzers enhance the skin's natural tanning potential by using tanning agents that occur naturally, ingredients include: Walnut Oil, Kola Nut, Caramel and Carrot Oil.

After Tan Products

Using an After Tan Product after your tanning session will help maintain your tan for longer. These replenish the moisture lost during tanning and some After tan lotions can also contain DHA to help add body to the tan.