Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanner Sunbed

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NEW Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanner Sunbed

The Fastest, Easiest way to Tan Legs!

This innovative design was created in-house at Sun and Health International Ltd using over 30 years of sunbed design know-how to provide the solution of how to tan, hard to tan legs. And is a now a registered European Design.

Why are Legs Hard to Tan? Melanin is the pigment in the skin which causes it to darken when exposed to UV but the body produces less melanin in the legs and their thicker, drier skin, mean that the legs are usually a step behind in the tanning stakes!

The Tanning Benefits of using The Sol-Rapide Vertical Leg Tanner Sunbed:

Super-Fast Tanning and a Big Vitamin D Boost! Sol-Rapide Max Tan Leg Lamps, utilise the same UVA & UVB rays as the sun which are the source of Vitamin D. And by using the best phospors and glass, the lamps produce the best in class, safe tanning performance. 

Whilst the ergonomic shape and full-length leg tanning ensures an even tan to the top of the bikini or trunks 

Healthy Skin Rejuvenation & Collagen Stimulation! The addition of Redlight Collagen Lamps to the Leg Tanner have been proven to increase Collagen and Elastin Sythesis. This in turn, helps revitalise and restore radiance, improve skin tone and stimulate circulation.

The Healthy Combination: This potent combination of UV Tanning & RedLight Therapy is designed to create the best leg tan ever! It also has the added benefit of easing skin conditions such as Psoriasis & Eczema.

Sol-Rapide Leg Tanner Benefits for the Salon Owner:

Sol-Rapide Max Tan Leg Lamps: Manufactured using the best phosphors and glass to produce maximum-strength, safe EU 0.3 compliant sunbed tanning. Guaranteeing long lamp life and best in class tanning performance.

Less Energy - More Profit: Environmentally friendly electronic ballasts help ensure long lamp life and extremely low running costs. The Leg Tanner Sunbed simply plugs in with a 13amp plug and has an integrated token meter ot TMax Timer.

Space Saving: The Sol-Rapide Leg Tanner sunbed provides more profit per square foot than any other sunbed, taking up just 33" x 26" (830mm x 630mm) of floor space.

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