Australian Gold Color Binge

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Australian Gold Color Binge

Looking for a sunbed tanning lotion that's going to give you instant, streak free results for a big night out? Dark colour is no longer just a fling with this 20X overindulgent natural bronzing lotion. Wild Berry Bender Blend deeply nourishes for supple, soft skin that will outlast any all-nighter, whilst a pinch of caffeine invigoratesξand tones.

  • 20X Overindulgent Natural Bronzer: Over-the-top blend of Natural Bronzers for an instant, streak-free colour that lasts all night long.
  • Wild Berry Bender Blend:Extravagant combination of wild skincare ingredients that help nourish and soothe for supple, radiant skin
  • Toning Caffeine Shot: Energises and tones for improved texture and appearance for a revitalised, glowing complexion
  • Craveable Conditioners:Lush blend of Oils and Vitamins work together for deep moisturisation and a smooth tanning canvas
  • Fragrance: Party in Paradise

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